Top 10 Best smartphone company in the world 2019

Top 10 Best smartphone company in the world 2019

Top 10 Best smartphone company in the world 2019

Hi, If you want to buy a smartphone and looking for the best smartphone company or brands in the world in 2019. Then in this post, I will share with you the top 10 best smartphone companies. We all know that if the product is branded then the chances of damage to the product is very less. In day by day so many brands are launched and we are confused which is good for us. In this blog post, I will only share with you the most reliable brands or company for smartphones that gives you value.

We know that smartphones are the most useful part of your day to day life and if your smartphone brands are not good then the more possibilities of hanging and lagging. So, if your smartphone is not working properly then it is not good for your health because it will make you angry. At that time most of the person spending almost 2-3 hours in your smartphones by scrolling Facebook or Instagram. we know that smartphone is the part of your life and its make your life easier.

I also mention that best smartphone brands for your budget. We think that if we will buy good brands products then I have to pay more, that's not true because so many brands which are best at the there price range.

In this advance technology time, all the smartphone have a good processor, long-lasting battery,  full HD display, 4G volte and good looking, all this specification will be covered in this ''best smartphone company in the world'' post. So let's begin without any delay. 

After talking about the Best smartphone company in the world, I want to say that all of these smartphones come with the greatest display, battery, build quality, 4G volte, octa-core processor and also have a good brand or company. Trust me this all smartphones are best in the market at that time. I will also share the e in best smartphon2019.

Best Smartphone Company in the world 2019 number 1 is excellent.

  1. Samsung
  2. Xiaomi
  3. Oneplus
  4. Huawei
  5. Apple
  6. Oppo
  7. Vivo
  8. Oppo
  9. LG
  10. Motorola

This is the topmost brands which provided more value and gives customer satisfaction.

  • Samsung is the king in the market of smartphone, because of its capture all most 35% of the smartphone share market. Samsung build quality is fantastic, it makes life long phone. At the medium price, range Samsung makes the best smartphone for their customer. Samsung makes the best phones for the camera, battery, display, processor centric user.
  • Xiaomi is the second-largest branded smartphone creator it makes the best phones at the cheapest price range.  If you looking smartphone for gaming purpose then go with Xiaomi because their processer is good.
  • Oneplus is also a good brand its create their phones for a targeted audience. If you looking smartphone which battery backup is good and also the camera is good, then my recommendation is you to go with Oneplus. The design and build quality are also good at Oneplus.
  • Huawei makes very will optimized smartphone, which all most function is perfectly working. Huawei smartphones are futuristic phones, but the cost of Huawei is not good. If you are looking for a smartphone, which has all functionality then go with Huawei.
  • Apple builds a very premium smartphone, but the function and build quality are fantastic. If you have money then I definitely say go with apple phones because it's operating system is very smooth and userfriendly.
  • Oppo and Vivo have the almost same function, camera and build quality. This two brands only focus on making, Best camera phones at a low price range. If you want to buy a camera-centric phone, then go with oppo and Vivo.
  • LG is only making display centric phone, which displays quality is good but my recommendation is not buying an LG phone in India. If you are from another country then go because LG service center is the very bed in India.
  • Motorola is also a good brand for their audience they will target those type of audience whose requirement is listening to music and good battery. The processor of Motorola is decent, but not excellent.

My recommendation

If you have more money then I will highly be recommended you to go with Apple phones, but you want the best phones at low price range then go with Samsung and Xiaomi.

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